BIBM in Biratnagar - Merryland College Biratnagar

Bachelors in International Business Management

International Business has been a major phenomena to increase the knowledge and expertise worldwide. Organisations are going beyond boundaries to compete in the international market. These organisations need experts who can devise international strategies to work across multicultural barriers. This programme covers most important topics in international business, including emerging markets, globalisation, the role of trust, and comparing markets and business environments in different countries. As well as building an understanding of multinational companies and their strategies, you will explore how local companies can adapt these entrepreneurial and innovative manners to create an economic growth both inside and outside the nation.

Year 1 / Level 03

  • 3GK012 – Preparing for Success at University
  • 3BU003 – Principles of Business
  • 3GK013 – Project-Based Learning
  • 3BU002 – 21st Century Learning

Year 2 / Level 04

  • 4MK007 – Principles of Marketing
  • 4IB004 – Business in a Global Context
  • 4HR002 – Introduction to People at Work
  • 4AC013 – Financial Management
  • 4MK006 – Introduction to Brand Communication
  • 4HR017 – Diversity Management in a Global Context



Year 3 / Level 05

  • 5FC003 – International Financial Institutions and Markets
  • 5BU010 – Digital Business & Innovation
  • 5BI005 – Contemporary Issues in IBM
  • 5BU012 – Operations and Supply Management
  • 5HR006 – International Human Resources: The Key Issues
  • 5BI004 – Economics of Managerial Decision-Making

Year 4 / Level 06

  • 6BU011 – Business Research Methods
  • 6IB003 – Dynamics of Multinational Companies
  • 6MK001 – International Marketing
  • 6BU013 – Independent Project
  • 6BE003 – Strategic Management
  • 6BI006 – Debating Globalisation
Qualification Level Number of Modules Number of Credits
Year 0 / Level 03 Level 3 6 120
Year 1 / Level 04 Level 4 6 120
Year 2 / Level 05 Level 5 6 120
Year 3 / Level 06 Level 6 6 120

Applicants should be minimum 18 years of age and should possess the minimum qualifications:

  • Entry Requirements
    • NEB 10+2 overall aggregate of 1.8 CGPA (45%) or above, Year 12 English grade ‘C’ (45%) or above, and SLC Mathematics score of 50% above with each subject theory and practical grade ‘D+’ or above or
    • 2 ‘A’ level subject passes, and a pass in General Paper (A or AS Level) or English (A or AS Level) with Grade E and above.

Applicants who do not meet the aforementioned English requirements can substitute with the following standardised English Tests:

  • IELTS overall band 4.5 with minimum 4.5 in each band
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Score above 37.

All other qualifications (CBSE, IB, AP, etc) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by iAcademy and the University of Wolverhampton.

* the above entry requirements in GPA & CGPA are only used as a reference and are subject to change pertaining to the official information from NEB and or the Ministry of Education, Nepal.

For More Details, Please Contact: 9802747310, 021-500170

Upon completion, students will be able to get into career field such as International Business Analyst, International Business Development Manager, International Sales Manager, International Management Consultant, Export Sales Representative, Export Sales Executive, Brand Manager, Investment Banker, Financial Controller