Year 4 (Level 6)

Exit Qualification:BA (Hons) International Business Management
Awarded By: University of Wolverhampton (UK)


Autumn Semester - September/October

Course Overview

The modules at Year 4 will provide an interdisciplinary approach to global citizenship and will help you develop your own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment. Additionally, they will help you develop digital literacy skills through the use of software employed by contemporary organisations. The development of knowledge and understanding of a range of international business and management practices and the ability to apply them effectively in an entrepreneurial and innovative manner will also be emphasised, as it is recognised that entrepreneurship is a key force for successful economic growth.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the minimum requirements

Module Description

6BU001 – Researching Business and Management Issues

This final year module requires the completion of an original research project. This will result from individual, independent research and will demonstrate knowledge and skills developed from formal study of any area of business studies. It will build upon taught modules and the techniques and ideas included in earlier research methods orientated modules in the curriculum. The focus for this module is a research project, which can be linked to a specific organization or organizations for which the student has access (many students work whilst they study and this experience can be invaluable). Areas of investigation may take the form of a competitor analysis, an investigation of procedures, a customer satisfaction survey, the computerisation of a system, a training needs analysis, the development of a policy statement, employment relations etc… This list is by no means conclusive as there are many business related areas, which can be investigated. The principle aim however is independence in terms of research and analysis of a business related topic be that organization based or secondary in nature.

6BE003 – Strategic Management

The rapidly changing global environment requires organisations that are strategically agile, able to adapt and change to create sustainable competitive advantage. Success in this environment requires individuals who are enterprising, innovative, flexible, capable of critical thought and able to apply analytical skills to craft strategic solutions given great complexity. This module is intended to provide a holistic and integrated approach to strategic management within the changing global context. You will learn to undertake and apply a range of analytical processes to support the crafting of appropriate strategic responses within an organisation. Different strategic themes are explored throughout the module with particular emphasis on contemporary issues.

6IB006 – Debating Globalisation

This module develops the students understanding of the complex debate about the scale, nature, causes, consequences, and inevitability of globalisation. While everyday popular and business rhetoric treats globalisation as a fact of life serious discussion is marked by huge and complex controversies over what is happening. How these are understood will condition our analysis of international business in the decade to come.

6BU004 - Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility have gained increased prominence in organisations and their strategic thinking, fuelled not least by public concerns in the wake of corporate scandals. The module aims to introduce students to concepts and theories related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics, and to examine the factors which motivate organisations to embrace CSR strategies. The ways in which CSR strategies can be evaluated will also be discussed. The module will enable students to view CSR from a range of perspectives - economic, strategic and normative - and to assess CSR in relation to key stakeholders groups including consumers, employees and the environment.

6IB003 - The Dynamics of Multinational Companies

The module aims to provide students with a better understanding of the rationale behind the decisions of multinational companies in a global business environment. With the recent global financial crisis impacting upon companies worldwide the module will also consider how the changing regulatory framework and governance may influence the strategic behaviour of firms.

6MK001 - International Marketing Strategy

The aim of this module is to explore the complexity, stages and nature of international marketing. In doing so it will develop students understanding of international marketing theories and concepts and will result in students appreciating the overall complexities of international marketing against a backdrop of a constantly changing global environment. Students will develop a good understanding of the processes and stages involved in establishing a market presence overseas in one or more international markets and will produce an overall strategy and a plan for an organisation to do exactly that.