Year 2 (Level 4)

Exit Qualification:Diploma in Business Administration
Awarded By: iAcademy (New Zeland)


Autumn Semester - October
Spring Semester - February

Course Overview

The modules at Year 2 are designed to equip students with essential business knowledge and skills in core areas such as business environment, business organization and structure, marketing, accounting, finance and organizational behaviour. The programme also raises awareness of the current business issues, enabling students to gain a better understanding of how businesses are run and their role in society. It prepares students to acquirein-depth understanding of more advanced business concepts and their applications later on.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the minimum requirements

Module Description

The Global Business Environment

This module aims to equip students with an awareness of globalization and how it has presented both opportunities and threats to businesses and influenced the way they are run. The module will introduce topics such as the understanding and analysis of the macro business environment, the globalisation of business, international flow of trade and capital, the economic, cultural and political differences one must be mindful of in doing business with different countries. At the end of the module, students would be able to understand the key factors of globalization and their impact of the global business environment and the international decisions and businesses make.

Principles of Accounting and Finance

This module aims to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of accounting and finance. The accounting portion of the module will cover topics such as basic book keeping, drawing up and analyzing financial statements and budgeting. The finance portion of the module will cover the concepts and principles which underlie the investment and financing decision process such as the financial system, the value of money, the cost of and return on short term and long term capital.

Principles of Marketing

This module provides an overview of modern marketing with an emphasis on concept of marketing and its economic and social impact, consumer behaviour, and process of fundamental marketing mix management. It concludes with discussion on responsibility and ethics of marketers.

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

This module provides an overview of how individuals, groups and organizational structures influence behaviours within an organization as well as the human resource management theories and challenges that organizational managers have to make.

Analytics for Business

This module aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to gather, analyze and interpret data for making business decisions. It introduces to students basic numerical and statistical analysis and relevant quantitative tools across a range of business situations.

Building Sustainable Global Businesses

This module aims to introduce students to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development principles as companies are increasingly held responsible for the effects that their products, processes and services have on society and the environment. Among the key issues that will be discussed include climate change, environmental management and biodiversity, child labour, human rights; occupational health and safety and poverty.