One of the phenomena of the 20th and 21st centuries has been that of globalisation. Our international BBA programme will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to manage within this global framework. As globalisation increases, more organisations have to work beyond their regional boundaries, compete in diverse global environments and find that their traditional domestic markets are open to global challenges. These organisations need experts who can work across multicultural barriers, develop effective international strategies and source products internationally. This course will develop your skills in these business key areas.

Year 1 (Level 3)

Exit Qualification:University Foundation Certificate
Awarded By: iAcademy (New Zeland)

The modules at Year 1 are designed to strengthen the foundational English language and Mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for students to succeed. It also equips students with core IT and Business knowledge and skills that are applicable and transferable across a range of degree majors later on.

Year 2 (Level 4)

Exit Qualification:Diploma in Business Administration
Awarded By: iAcademy (New Zeland)

The modules at Year 2 are designed to equip students with essential business knowledge and skills in core areas such as business environment, business organization and structure, marketing, accounting, finance and organizational behaviour. The programme also raises awareness of the current business issues, enabling students...

Year 3 (Level 5)

Exit Qualification:Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
Awarded By: iAcademy (New Zeland)

The modules at Year 3 are designed to expose students to the various challenges faced by business managers globally, whether it is the starting of a new business or the management of a factory, and guide them on how best to make decisions given the economic situation and the information available. It also prepares students to specialize in a business area of their choice later on.

Year 4 (Level 6)

Exit Qualification:BA (Hons) International Business Management
Awarded By: University of Wolverhampton (UK)

The modules at Year 4 will provide an interdisciplinary approach to global citizenship and will help you develop your own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment. Additionally, they will help you develop digital literacy skills through the use of software employed by contemporary organisations. The development of knowledge and understanding...