Q.Can I transfer my credits to study Master degree in UK or USA?

The final qualification that you will be getting from our programme is an internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Business Management awarded by the University of Wolverhampton, a large public university in the United Kingdom. With this degree, you will be able to apply for relevant post-graduate studies in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, etc. Naturally, you would have to meet specific requirements for the post-graduate (e.g. Master) programme set by the University of your choice, as well as visa requirements by the respective country.

Q.I am a student in another college, and am interested to study at MCB. Can I transfer my credits and continue my studies at MCB??

A- It depends on what modules you have taken at your current college. Generally speaking, your previous studies will be evaluated by iAcademy and/or the University of Wolverhampton and, if appropriate, you may be given accreditation of prior learning and those “credits” may be transferred. You should also produce evidence of your English proficiency. Feel free to contact our college for assistance.

Q.Will I be able to afford the fees?

A- Education is an investment in your future employment career. It should not be viewed as an expense or cost because there is clear evidence that better qualifications lead to better career prospect with better salary. However, paying for your studies is not always easy and we have catered for installments repayment scheme and academic performance scholarship for all qualified students.

Q.What do the fees include?

A- There are two components to the fees that you pay. The first component is fees payable to the academic/university partners (what we call the “University and associated fees”). These fees cover the curriculum, materials such as handbooks, examination, marking, and certification costs. The second component is fees payable to the college (what we call the “College fees”). These fees cover your tuition (lectures, tutorials and workshops), the infrastructure (e.g. library with books for you to borrow) and facilities (e.g. lecture halls, seminar rooms, computer labs for you to study) provided while you study at our college.

Q.When does the programme start and when is the examination?

A- There are three semesters in a year. Normally, students would study during the Autumn and Spring semesters (with examinations held after 12 weeks of formal study), while the Summer semester would be for examination resits. However, students on the 3-year accelerated track will also study formally during the Summer semester.

Q.How long does the degree programme take?

A—The normal track would take 4 years, although students on the accelerated track may be able to complete their programme in 3 years.

Q.I would like to work part-time while I am studying, how will I find the time?

A- We strongly encourage you to stay focus on your programme as the curriculum from our academic/university partner is very rigorous and requires you to work hard on your studies. The college is providing all the necessary teaching resources and facilities to ensure that your stay in the college is a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Q.Is the qualification the same as which the University students received in UK?

A- Yes. In fact, the curriculum, course content, assessments and marking schemes are the same as those offered elsewhere by our academic/university partner. Therefore, there will be no distinction with regards to the qualification and the certificate that you will be getting upon successful completion of your programme.

Q.Is there a graduation ceremony?

A- Upon successful completion of your final year, you will be invited to a formal graduation ceremony held in the University of Wolverhampton, together with their on-campus students. For students who cannot make the trip to UK, a graduation ceremony will also be held in Nepal to commemorate on your completion of your well-deserved Bachelor's degree.

Q.Will I be able to succeed?

A- We believe your success is ours too. Our experienced and friendly programme advisors and academic staffs will assist you through the application process to ensure you enroll onto the right programme. Motivation, discipline, time management and organisation combined with quality study materials and superior academic/student support throughout your studies are key to your success.


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