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  • Merryland College Biratnagar
  • Merryland College Biratnagar
  • Merryland College Biratnagar
  • Merryland College Biratnagar

Merryland College Biratnagar (MCB) is a newly formed joint partnership between Islington College, Kathmandu (Islington College) and Merryland Higher Secondary School and College, Biratnagar (Merryland HSSC), with stakeholders and management from both Islington College and Merryland HSSC.

International Recognition and Prospects

  • We are the first and only academic institution in Biratnagar to partner directly with a UK university
  • English-speaking learning environment, with international faculties and guest lecturers
  • You will obtain an academic qualification every year, and your final qualification is the internationally recognised BA (Hons) International Business Management degree conferred directly from the University of Wolverhampton
  • Upon the successful completion of your programme, you may attend the University of Wolverhampton graduation ceremony held every year in Wolverhampton

Academic Prestige

  • All teaching faculty are approved by the relevant awarding bodies (i.e. iAcademy and the University of Wolverhampton)
  • Most updated curriculum and qualification
  • Teaching facilities and infrastructure meet the international standards set by the University of Wolverhampton and iAcademy
  • You have the option to transfer and study for your BA (Hons) International Business Management qualification in Wolverhampton, Hong Kong, Singapore, at any college that is approved to run that programme at that point in time
  • You always have the option to transfer and study at the University of Wolverhampton
  • Recognition of academic excellence via various Scholarship awards

A Career Headstart

  • Exposure to people of international stature, which will allow you to see first-hand how successful people think, present, and communicate
  • Industry visits and real world projects
  • Career councelling and development sessions
  • Exchange programmes within Nepal (with Islington College, Kathmandu) and with the University of Wolverhampton are possible
  • Internships and job placement opportunities
  • Career counselling and development sessions

About the

One of the phenomena of the 20th and 21st centuries has been that of globalisation. This course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to manage within this global framework. As globalisation increases, more organisations have to work beyond their regional boundaries, compete in..
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Industry Experts

One of the greatest assets of Merryland is its lecturers. Many of our lecturer are experienced professionals that come from various industries and have a wealth of professional knowledge to share. Their wealth of practical experience would be an invaluable resource for classroom interactions...
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Each level will comprise of 120 academic credits and consists of 6 modules per standard academy year. Each programme will be run on a full-time basis and will take 1 year (or 2 semesters) to complete.
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